Oatsab Apk Download Latest Version for Android January 2024

Oatsab APK is a special version of the regular app. It has cool features that regular WhatsApp users don’t have. Hey there! Imagine having a super cool version of WhatsApp, just for you.

That’s Oatsab! It improves your WhatsApp experience, giving you more control over privacy and letting you personalize everything. Exciting, right?

It’s like having a secret agent for your chats! Ready to level up your WhatsApp game? Grab Oatsab now and discover a whole new world of messaging magic! 🚀

Oatsab Apk Details

App Name: Oatsab
Publisher: Oatsab
Genre: WhatsApp
Size: 79.9 MB
Latest Version: v2.23.10.9
MOD Info: Safe WhatsApp

What is Oatsab?

Oatsab Apk

Oatsab is an unofficial app that gives you all the cool features of WhatsApp for free on your Android. WhatsApp users wanted the best for Android, so developers made Oatsab. It’s packed with the latest technology to give users more advantages

Oatsab is like a customized WhatsApp. It has extra features, such as hiding your status from specific people. You can block someone from seeing your status, which you can’t do in the regular WhatsApp.

With Oatsab, you can also block a specific number from your phone. Unlike the original app, you can delete messages you sent to someone. This is super useful for WhatsApp users. And the best part? You get to use all these advanced features for free!

This app works on all Android phones and is the latest version. It lets you hide your status, use custom colors, and more. It’s kind of like FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro.

Key Features:

  • Great for WhatsApp fans.
  • A good alternative to GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp.
  • Similar features to GB WhatsApp.
  • Lots of advanced and custom options.
  • It is a simple design and free to download.
  • Easy to use on all smart devices.
  • The latest and greatest version.

Why Choose Oatsab?

If you use an Android phone, Oatsab is perfect for you. It’s a special app that adds extra features to make your WhatsApp time awesome. And guess what? It’s safe and secure, so no worries about your privacy.

Advanced Key Features of Oatsab Apk:

Oatsab is getting even cooler! Now you can schedule group chats, customize the app even more, edit messages beyond one minute, and search better. There are disappearing messages, personalized chat bubbles, admin controls for group chats, and much more.

  • Enhanced Privacy: Hide your status updates from specific people.
  • Customization: Change the app’s color to match your style, and delete sent messages.
  • Advanced Features: Block people without blocking their calls, schedule messages, etc.
  • Security: Oatsab keeps your chats private with strong encryption.
  • Multilingual Chat
  • Self-Destructing Messages
  • Free: Enjoy all these cool features without spending a penny.

Easy-to-Read Version:

Oatsab is like a supercharged WhatsApp, just for you. Want to keep some things private? Oatsab lets you do that. Change the app’s colors and even delete messages you’ve sent. It’s full of cool features you won’t find in regular WhatsApp, and it’s all free!

Download and Installation:

  1. Download Oatsab APK: Get the file from this website.
  2. Allow Unknown Sources: Enable installations from sources other than app stores in your settings.
  3. Install the APK: Click on the downloaded file and start installing.
  4. Register and Login: Sign up or log in with your phone number.
  5. Set Up Profile: Make your profile cool with a photo and a status.
  6. Start Using Oatsab: Now you’re all set to use Oatsab for your WhatsApp needs!
  7. Start Chatting: Now, dive into the world of Oatsab apk – where your chats get an upgrade! So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your WhatsApp life with Oatsab today!


Is Oatsab apk the first version of WhatsApp?

No, the Oatsab apk is not the first version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp was originally released in 2009, while Oatsab apk appears to be a different or modified application.

Is the Play Store a source for the Oatsab apk app?

No, the Oatsab apk is not available on the official Google Play Store. It seems to be a third-party or unofficial version of WhatsApp, and downloading apps from such sources may pose security risks.

How to update the Oatsab Apk app?

Since the Oatsab apk is not an official version and not available on legitimate app stores, there may not be a standard update mechanism. Users should exercise caution when dealing with unofficial apps, as updates may not be reliable or secure.

Is Oatsab Whatsapp safe to use?

The safety of Oatsab Whatsapp or any unofficial WhatsApp version cannot be guaranteed. Official WhatsApp versions from reliable sources, like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, are recommended to ensure security and privacy.

The Oatsab APK app is free?

It’s unclear whether Oatsab apk is free, as unofficial versions of apps may have different terms of use. However, it’s essential to prioritize using official and authorized versions to ensure security and avoid potential legal issues.

Can you use the Oatsab apk app on an iOS device?

The information provided does not specify whether Oatsab apk is compatible with iOS devices. However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp is typically available for download on the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Can I have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?

Yes, it is possible to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Some smartphones offer features like dual SIM functionality or a built-in feature allowing the use of multiple accounts for certain applications, including WhatsApp.

Additionally, users can use third-party apps or specific phone features to create a dual space for WhatsApp.


If you want to use the latest WhatsApp features, get Oatsab APK for Android. It’s an all-in-one app with awesome features, just like FM WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro, Gold Whatsapp, Adam WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Status-Server. Oatsab has lots of new features for users. Try it out!

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